Care for individuals

  • Our aim is to always to provide tailored services in a way that respects the rights of each person to live as they choose and support them to remain as independent as possible.
  • We provide care and support to individuals and carers
  • We promote freedom of choice and flexibility
  • We provide the appropriate care & support to enhance quality of life
  • We endeavour to maintain confidentiality and respect of individuals personal circumstances

How we accomplish this

Working in Partnership

We will work with you, your carers, family, friends and any other Health & Social Care professionals involved to develop a Support Plan that meets this aim in a way that is most appropriate for you. This plan will normally be developed before your services starts, unless there is an urgent need to provide you with care immediately, in which case it will be developed as soon as possible.

A simple process

We will find out more about you and the environment you live in, so that we can agree what you can do for yourself and what things you would like our staff to help you with. Once we have done this we will write a personalised support plan that will make sure that the people who are helping you will understand how to support you.

Reviewing your support package

We will make sure that a senior staff member arranges to meet up regularly with you and anyone else that you wish to involve, to ask you if the service is meeting your needs and to agree any changes that you may want to make. Your support plan will be reviewed annually as a minimum. You will be involved in any reviews that take place and no changes will be made to your plan without your involvement and agreement.

Risk Assessment

A senior member of our team will visit you to complete a Risk Assessment of your home environment and any tasks or activities that are included in your plan. This is to ensure that you are supported in as safe a manner as possible and that our staff are not at any risk with regard to their Health & Safety.

Your Records

A full copy of your Support Plan, Risk Assessment and any other information about your services such as your personalised Care Plan Task Sheet or Individual Medication Plan will be stored in your home for you, your carers and your Care Workers to refer to.