Accompanied Visits

Accompanied Appointments

It is possible to arrange for somebody employed by Bespoke Care & SS to accompany a service user to a doctor, hospital or any other appointment. This can be a local appointment or an out of area appointment (if practically possible and with notice).

Assisted Appointment Arranging

It can be a worry for some people when something go wrong in their homes and are unsure what to do. Bespoke Care & SS can offer a service whereby arrangements and appointments can be made with utility providers, workmen etc to deal with the problem. This takes away any stress as a result of being, for example, put through to call centres, being unable to hear or comprehend jargon, forgetting what has been said during a conversation or that you may ultimately be inviting somebody into your home whom you neither know nor may be able to trust.

This service also makes it possible for Bespoke Care & SS to arrange to have one of its employees attend a clients home at the time of a scheduled visit so that the client is not left to deal with a work person on their own which they may find intimidating.
Types of services that can be contacted on behalf of a client and appointments made with:

Main Utility Providers:

  • BT/Virgin Media, Yorkshire Water
  • Gas and Electricity Suppliers
  • Council Tax Offices

A small charge will made for making the call to the contractor and arranging an appointment. If you require an employee of Bespoke Care & SS to be present when contractor calls, this is charged at the normal domestic hourly rate. Bespoke Care & SS would not cover any work carried out by a workman but would check that valid insurance is in place for anybody they refer a client to.