Pet care

The special relationship between owner and pet adds incalculably to the quality of life, but all the pleasures and benefits can be completely neutralised by intense anxiety regarding the fate of their devoted companion should the owner struggle to properly care for  their pet as pet welfare is important ,i.e. exercise, and appropriate pet food. Bespoke Care & SS believe that a pet is a part of the family and if care and support is required we are happy to provide this service.

Our support staff can replicate a pet owners role for your pet whenever, for whatever reason, you cannot.

The type of services we provide for pets include:

  • Welfare Check
  • Feeding – fresh food and water or special diet
  • Hygiene – cleaning bowls, litter trays, bedding
  • Exercise – walking and playing
  • Routine – existing routines can be maintained
  • Companionship and interaction
  • Grooming – as required
  • Medication – as prescribed

Prior to agreeing a support plan for your pet a risk assessment must be undertaken to ascertain if it is safe and/or appropriate for our staff to support your pet. Once this formality is satisfied we can create a bespoke support plan for your pet.