Range of Home Support Services


Bespoke Care & SS can offer general cleaning arranged on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on the requirements of the service user. This can include vacuuming, dusting, cleaning floors, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, cleaning INSIDES of windows, insides of fridges and microwaves etc. Clients will be able to instruct their allocated Domestic Assistant to do specific jobs each week or leave the cleaning to their discretion. Bespoke Care & SS’s policy is that every area of the home is given the appropriate attention.

“One Off” Spring Cleans

This service is available to people who require a very intensive clean such as carpet cleaning, cleaning kitchen appliances and cupboards. Perhaps you are moving into a property or out of a property and it needs a “blitz” clean to maintain your standard of cleanliness. A spring clean is enough to get the home back up to scratch and may pave the way for you to book a regular cleaning slot so the work is always manageable.


Laundry involves washing, ironing and also changing bed linen, a task that prove to be extremely difficult to manage for some individuals. This service can be provided in your home or laundered off site, dependant on the client’s preference or the suitability of the surroundings.

Shopping & (Internet Shopping)

Some people may struggle to leave their homes (especially during the cold winter months) we can  arrange for support staff to call in, pick up a shopping list and go and collect the items required. If you prefer to have our support staff accompany you whilst shopping as you may feel you need a little extra support to go on your own, this service could also be provided. Your preference may be to have regular structured shopping at least fortnightly but every three days you may wish to purchase fresh foodstuffs, we can accommodate your needs. Our support staff can structure the shopping efficiently among groups of service users in a particular area to share the cost. With the expansion of internet supermarket shopping and home deliveries, Bespoke Care & SS can also offer assistance ordering on line and unpacking shopping once it has been delivered.