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Care for Individuals

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Providing a flexible, cost-effective option care that’s tailor-made to your needs.


At Bespoke Care, we provide personalised home care for older people that is dignified and reliable. We believe that everyone is different and that’s why we don’t offer a ready-made package solution but help that is tailored to your needs and will adapt as your needs change. We want to make your experience stress-free and that’s why we provide a cost-effective care solution with prices that are easy to understand and manage, to give you more control.


You can choose to have a care worker visit several times a day to assist with all of life’s daily tasks, like getting showered, dressed, and preparing meals. No matter how many hours of support you feel you may need, short term or long term, our services are matched to your exact requirements. If your needs change, our level of support is adaptable to continue meeting them.

Designed around you

Everyone is different – that’s why our service is entirely bespoke. We consider what you would like to achieve from our assistance and then work with you to deliver the right level of support. We understand that the little things are important. How you like your egg cooked, the way you want your bed made – we will listen to what you want to make sure everything is just right.

However, the main function of the services we provide is to support you to remain in the comfort and security of your own home. We would like to help you live as independent and active a life as possible by supporting you where possible in an enabling focussed way. The tasks we undertake are mutually agreed and documented in your Support Plan, which will be kept in your home. This document will specify the detail of your support to your care worker. It will be their responsibility to follow this and report any changes in your needs that you and may they identify.  The following list gives examples of the type of duties we undertake. All of these will be done in a manner which encourages the maximum degree of independence and activity appropriate to your abilities.

  • assisting getting up in the morning including washing/bathing and dressing and maintaining personal hygiene and appearance

  • assisting with undressing and getting to bed in the evening

  • assisting with preparation of meals, drinks and snacks when necessary

  • provide assistance with toileting and changing clothes and/or bedding where necessary.

  • to maintain commodes and wash clothes and bed linen.

  • provide assistance with other aspects of personal daily living that you require additional support   with.

  • assist and encourage the management of medication or administer where necessary and appropriate, and monitoring health related issues such as nutrition & fluid intake.

  • where it is specifically agreed in the Support Plan we may contribute to the supervision and care of those that have a tendency to neglect themselves or put themselves at risk



Continuity of care

Our care services are relationship-based. Matching a Care worker to you ensures that you’ll see the same person every time. Your Care worker will get to know you as you’ll get to know them. This proximity allows them to spot anything unusual and help prevent illnesses or accidents more easily.

It is usual for our visits to last at least 30 minutes to ensure our Care workers are not rushing and take the time to look after you. We also keep a family notebook to ensure family members know how their loved one is doing, which is especially useful if they don’t live nearby.

End-of-life care

Our approach to end-of-life care enables us to support people with their progressive incurable illness to live as well as possible until they die. We support the needs of you and your family and work very closely with other professionals to manage your care needs in your own home, focusing on your physical, psychological and spiritual comfort. We empathise with the concept of a ‘good death’ where a person dies in a place of their own choosing, with their loved ones, friends and carers around them. We continuously emphasise respect and dignity in these circumstances, ensuring that preferences and choices are acted upon as part of a person-centred approach to care.

Continuing and complex care

Our staff are trained to deliver specialist care services in support of a wide range of specific, complicated needs. Specialist services may include full medication management, using hoists, assessing equipment needs, moving and handling manoeuvres, assisting with mobility, falls prevention practice, and using continence equipment. Our advanced training enables our staff to identify activities that maintain independence at home of the person with Alzheimer’s Disease, Vascular Dementia, Lewy Body Dementia and Pick’s Disease. This understanding of the signs and symptoms of dementia, and the effect that these have on the person with dementia and their carers, allows the increasing complexity of the condition to be managed at home.

The money ‘issue’

We know that cost is one of the biggest concerns about care, so we’ve made our service stress-free and excellent value. Our costs are very easy to understand and manage, and you will always be firmly in control of your finances. This provides plenty of time for quality care whilst still leaving time left to chat and build a real relationship.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about home care or book a free consultation to let us assess your needs and give you appropriate support.

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