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Local Commitment

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Contact us for a friendly chat to discuss how we can help you or a family member.


Tel 01484 483073


Bespoke Care is a small business that can quickly adapt and modify our service when changes arise, in ways that benefit our service users.

We are a local community focussed service that aims to:

  • Stay local in our small geographical area of Central Huddersfield, we only operate in the HD1 HD2 HD3 & HD5 areas.

  • Remain a focused medium sized operation no more than 150 service users and 50 staff.

  • Operate from one Central Huddersfield branch.

  • Offer employment opportunities for local people.


With all our expertise concentrated in one area we can guarantee higher quality by not overreaching our capacity. This enables our management team to avoid the usual pressures that can be associated with larger home care companies. We are able deal with any problems proactively rather than reactively. This is particularly important in tough economic and social times, as our service users seek comfort and reassurance about the integrity of the people they are dealing with. 

As a conscientious care provider, we never forget that there are considerable benefits in having a local identity with a pride and understanding of what it is to be part of a local community. We are a locally owned business in close daily contact with our local residents and have no desire to work outside Huddersfield. 

We are an owner managed business with the owner directly involved in managing staff and coordinating the care and support provided. This type of hands-on interaction is vital because it means we know the business in detail and can make calculated decisions quickly and carefully.  

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