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Mobile Technology

Technology is fundamental in helping Bespoke Care to remain a quality care provider and keep our clients front of mind. Our mobile application platform helps us to remove paper and manual processes and improves the real-time visibility of service delivery for our service users.

Our Employee Mobile App removes the need for paper-based rotas and timesheets. We can communicate changes to rotas remotely so care workers are aware of changes to the care package immediately. 

Mobile Technology and Apps from Bespoke

Careline Live - Care Circle 

Designed to improve remote communication with family members, allowing them to see care and visit notes in real time, the Family App delivers crucial information and comfort at a time when visiting a vulnerable family member may not be possible.

This technology helps us to involve our service users, reassure family members and inform healthcare professionals, a needed function in the current climate. Service users and their family can securely access their care plans and provide feedback, allowing them to be fully involved in their care plans, as well as providing real-time updates on the visits and care that is delivered, giving family members and health professionals full peace of mind.

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Enhanced care delivery

Our carer worker have all the information they need on their smart phones. Each carer worker’s rota (and changes to it) are automatically deployed to their smart phone. Upon starting a visit or shift they can see an Interactive Care Schedule - a list of activities to complete and medication to administer. These must be marked as complete or incomplete before your carers can end the shift. Carers must also complete a daily care log. All this information instantly updates the existing record. Carers can submit incident forms and escalate it straight from their mobile device. Voice to text transcription, automatic calculation and smart forms mean carers can spend less time completing forms and more time delivering care.


Safe and efficient medication management 

In Bespoke Care all medication events are automatically logged in an Electronic MAR chart for each service user. Through the family app service users can see (in real time) which medication has been administered including dosage. In order to complete a visit or shift carers must log scheduled medication as administered or not administered. All this information is automatically entered into the service user’s E-MAR chart. Missed medication automatically triggers an alert. 

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