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Our Core Values

We expect ourselves and our colleagues, everywhere in our company, to behave in a way that is consistent our values. The company values were carefully created using the views of care workers and service users to ensure that they reflected the company’s approach to every aspect of care provision. We are confident it is this inclusivity and belief in valuing people that will ensure Bespoke Care will be highly regarded by employees and Service Users alike.

Image of the Bespoke Care Team after a walk

Our STAR values are:


Service – We will put our customers first.

Teamwork – We will recognise that we do not act alone, we will work together with all stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes.

Ambition - We will aspire to provide the best service possible.

Respect – We will act with integrity.


Professionalism – We will take pride in our conduct, protect confidentiality, present a positive impression of ourselves and our organisation, we will present ourselves and our workplace in the best possible manner.

Ownership – We take personal responsibility for all our actions and omissions; we encourage feedback and share in the good and the bad and will always act in the best interests of our service users.

Integrity – We will act openly, honestly and deliver what we promise, we will promote loyalty and trust in ourselves and our colleagues.

Innovation – We encourage ideas for continuous improvement in everything we do, we will feel encouraged to share our ideas.  We have led the way in the sector for the use of mobile technology.

Valuing People – We show respect to others, we will promote inclusiveness, tolerance and diversity, we encourage learning and development in ourselves and others.

Excellence – We are passionately committed to be the best we can be in all that we do, we will pursue this even if no-one is around to see us achieve it.

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